Cold Noses, Warm Hearts. Catskill Animal Sanctuary Reminds Us That Farm Animals are Thinking, Feeling Beings.
July 6, 2016

Sanctuary animals offer life-changing lessons Tucker, a Guernsey steer, was purchased by a petting zoo operator shortly after birth. He had…

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Junior (center) with two of his buddies at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary's new home.
Animal Planet: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and other Sanctuary Favorites.
January 2, 2015

­­Meet the animals at our local farm animal sanctuaries Junior the cow (a misnomer given his 2,000 pounds), is relaxed again…

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A rescued Kaporos chicken from this year's demonstration in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
Kaporos and Suffering: A Point of View
January 1, 2015

As seen in the October 13, 2016 issue of Ulster Publishing’s Woodstock Times:  Kaporos and Suffering: A Point of View By…

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Spiral Construction and Syzygy and Spiral House
Spirit in Stone: What Unites Us
February 8, 2010

At the Spiral House, we are inspired by love, beauty, and compassion. These values arise from our higher selves and motivate…

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