Potato Tempeh Hash
Valerie’s Potato and Tempeh Hash
February 14, 2018

Chef Valerie made this easy and satisfying meal for lunch recently and it was just perfect for one of winter’s last…

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Bean and Portobello Tacos with Peppers
October 27, 2017

There’s no limit to the way we can enjoy tacos. Here, Chef Valerie has used a mix of poblano, lunchbox, and…

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Val’s Vegan Cobb Salad with Eggplant “Bacon”
October 27, 2017

The Cobb salad is a popular American garden salad typically used as a main dish. Conventional Cobb salads would include bacon…

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Valerie’s Chickpea Un-Tuna Salad
October 9, 2017

It ‘s difficult to find a recipe that’s easier, tastier, or more nutritious than this. Whip these ingredients together for a…

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Valerie’s Sweet and White Potato Pancakes
October 9, 2017

Here’s something a little different in a potato pancake. Even with the Neat Egg egg substitute, though, Chef Valerie found them…

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Chef Sara Boan’s Wild Mushroom Risotto
February 20, 2017

(Gluten-free, nut-free option, soy-free) Makes 6 servings Our dear friend and talented chef Sara Boan of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s Compassionate…

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Val’s Quinoa Salad with Black-Eyed Peas
January 25, 2016

This dish is a complete meal in a bowl. It contains protein, power greens, grain, and vitamins. What could be better?…

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Quintessential mac and cheese
Quintessential Mac and Cheese
January 6, 2016

Here you have everyone’s favorite comfort food reinvented. Actually, Chef Diane reinvented it twice, once as the casserole shown here, and…

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Val’s Quick and Easy Tempeh with Tzatziki Sauce
January 3, 2016

Our sous chef Valerie Augustine cooks when Chef Diane is off. She turned out this tempeh dish in no time at…

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Eleven of the Best-Ever Vegan Recipes for a Complete Winter’s Meal
January 1, 2016

Chef Sara Boan’s Complete Vegan Holiday Dinner What could be better than teaching and inspiring people to cook and eat compassionately? Not…

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