Potato Tempeh Hash
Valerie’s Potato and Tempeh Hash
February 14, 2018

Chef Valerie made this easy and satisfying meal for lunch recently and it was just perfect for one of winter’s last…

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Valerie’s Chickpea Un-Tuna Salad
October 9, 2017

It ‘s difficult to find a recipe that’s easier, tastier, or more nutritious than this. Whip these ingredients together for a…

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Valerie’s Sweet and White Potato Pancakes
October 9, 2017

Here’s something a little different in a potato pancake. Even with the Neat Egg egg substitute, though, Chef Valerie found them…

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Warm Beet, Broccoli, and String Bean Salad
September 21, 2017

Serves 8 This colorful recipe has an undeniable wow factor. We happened to have beets, broccoli, and string beans in the…

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Chef Sara Boan’s Wild Mushroom Risotto
February 20, 2017

(Gluten-free, nut-free option, soy-free) Makes 6 servings Our dear friend and talented chef Sara Boan of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s Compassionate…

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Smashed Potatoes
February 1, 2016

Easy as can be, these potatoes bring comfort food to new heights. They really are smashed, exposing a lot of surface…

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Ronnie's Favorite String Beans
Ronnie’s Favorite String Beans
January 6, 2016

Ronnie Shushan, the designer of this cookbook and a writer who is working on a book about the creation of the…

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Loaded Mushrooms
Loaded Mushrooms: Stuffed With Spinach and Bread Crumbs
January 1, 2016

One side of these mushrooms will not make you taller and the other side will not make you shorter, as happened…

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Easy Peasy Potato Salad With 'Fakin' Bacon' : A Cool Summer Recipe
Easy Peasy Potato Salad with Fakin’ Bacon
January 1, 2016

It doesn’t get simpler than this folks because you really don’t even need to adhere to the measurements or the ingredients…

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Chef Diane’s Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes and Fingerling Potatoes
January 20, 2015

Native Americans were cultivating Jerusalem artichokes long before the Europeans ever arrived. With their lack of starch and high inulin content, these…

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