Call of the wild rice soup
Call of the Wild Rice Soup: Shiitake and Porcini Mushrooms, Oh My!
January 2, 2016

The nutty flavor of the wild rice and woodsy taste of the mushrooms are the star ingredients in this satisfying vegetable…

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Roasted Vegetable Stock
January 11, 2015

A good vegetable stock varies with the ingredients you have on hand and the flavor you want for the finished dish. That…

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Hearty Corn, Potato and Zucchini Soup
January 2, 2015

This filling soup doesn’t need any more than a slice of bread to accompany it for lunch, or a salad and…

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Pam's Orange-Scented Beet Soup: Serve Chilled or Hot
Pam’s Orange-Scented Beet Soup: Serve Hot or Chilled
January 1, 2015

Our dear friend, Pam Brown, the founder and former long-time owner of the Garden Café on the Green in Woodstock, New…

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